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Culture and Confrontation

Geert Hofstede’s famous research for IBM in the early 1980’s ranked cultures on 4 different dimensions (a fifth would be added much later).  Although critiscised for taking his sample from an international workforce, (ie; that they’re own cultural dimensions may differ from the norm due to overseas exposure), it was held as something of a … Continue reading

In the Shadow of the Moonlight

© Christopher Davis 06/08/02 Chapter 1 1984 The boys’ voices stirred dust on the rafters above the drone of the long stemmed ceiling fans, falling like lone willow branches into the gymnasium.  The scent of sweat, peeling paint and sneaker rubber oozed from the walls of a building that panted.  On the stage, beneath a … Continue reading

A year in Kantou

A year in Kantou. I’m sure that all aficionados leave Japan uneasy. Knowing that if the day came, not when, they would leave. Knowing that the if in my case would beat the ‘when’ bloody. Passing over the bay bridge in the Yokohama Cat, which is actually a bus, I looked upon the city of … Continue reading